ODL Deputy Director

Vicki Sullivan

Vicki Sullivan

Vicki Sullivan

Vicki Sullivan was selected by the ODL Board of Directors as Deputy Director for the agency on March 1, 2002.

In her capacity as Deputy Director, Sullivan manages the budgetary process and provides administrative oversight for several divisions of the agency, including Information Services/Interlibrary Loan; Information Services, which includes the statewide full-text databases for Oklahoma’s libraries; and Government Information Services, which includes Archives and Records Management, State and Federal Government Information and Law and Legislative Reference.

Before becoming Deputy Director, Sullivan served as head of the ODL Office of Government Information, the agency’s largest administrative unit. In this position, she supervised the state and federal publication programs, the State Archives, the Records Management program for state agencies, and the ODL Web Development Office.

Sullivan holds a Master in Library Science from the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Arts in History from Oklahoma State University. She has held a variety of jobs in diverse library settings, including hospital librarian at the U.S. Army Library in Nürnburg, Germany; director of library resources at the Oklahoma Historical Society; catalog librarian and technical services coordinator at Oklahoma City University, and acquisitions librarian at the University of Oklahoma Law Library.

During her tenure at ODL, she has also administered the state documents depository program, including transitioning services to an online environment.

While head of Government Information, she was instrumental in organizing a state webmanager’s group to provide support to state employees who develop their agencies’ websites, and was successful in bringing attention to the space needs of the State Archives.

She has represented the agency in state personnel issues, affirmative action programs, and state job classification development efforts.

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