Public Library Reporting and Statistics

2021 Public Library Reporting

The annual reporting window is now open. Your library form is now available online for the Fiscal Year 2021, July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021.

Please go to the following link:

Baker & Taylor's Bibliostat Collect

Submission of your online report is due no later than August 16 for non-system libraries and October 1 for the 8 system libraries. 

If you’ve forgotten your password to get into the Annual Report, you can contact Baker & Taylor or your Regional Library Consultant.

To compare your library with other Oklahoma public libraries and with public libraries nationwide, please go to the following link:

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If you do not know your library Username and Password, please contact Cathy Van Hoy at 405-522-3321 or your regional Public Library Consultant.

Oklahoma Public Library Data

The following links will provide information on the public library statistics.

2017 OK Library Data Tables  final  |  Excel  |  PDF  |

2015/2016 Oklahoma Public Library Comparison Statistics | Excel |

2016 OK Library Data Tables  final  |  Excel  |  PDF  |

2015 OK Library Data Tables  final  |  Excel  |  PDF  |

Oklahoma Public Library Annual Reporting Data - Previous Years

2010 OK Library Data Tables  |  Excel  |  PDF  |

2011 OK Library Data Tables  |  Excel  |  PDF  |

2012 OK Library Data Tables  |  Excel  |  PDF  |

2013 OK Library Data Tables  |  Excel  |  PDF  |

2014 OK Library Data Tables  |  Excel  |  PDF  |