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Library JoblineWelcome to theย Library Jobline. Oklahoma and Regionalย Libraryย Jobline is a service of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

There is no charge for a library job posting.

Howย to post a job opening forย your libraryย or literacy organization:

Fillย out theย Library Jobline Posting Form.

Orย email the website management team the following information: ย the webpage or URL for the listing and a single paragraph description. ย If you do not have a webpage or URL for the listing then simplyย e-mail the complete job description with contact information.

Importantโ€”please notify us when your position has been filled so that we may remove the posting from the Library Jobline.


For information on Public Librarian Certification,ย see theย information page.

For information on school library positions, visit or call your nearest Oklahoma State Employment Office.

For information onย Schoolย Librarian Certification, contact the State Department of Education.


Good luck in your jobย or candidate search!

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