Literacy Publications and Resources

From this page you can download various publications and other resources to help with your literacy efforts. If you have trouble followingΒ any of the links or opening any of the PDFs, please let us know. Contact “Literacy Programs” on the Division Contact Form.


Open Minds Trainer Resources

Open Minds Trainer Resources

ELL Resources coming soon

β€’ Trainer Resources Manual
β€’ Open Minds- Online Resources
β€’ “Cherry Tree” by 10,000 Maniacs [YouTube]
β€’ “Words are Wheels” by Phil Vassar [YouTube]
β€’ Statistics and Reasons for Illiteracy PowerPoint Presentation
β€’ “Journey to Literacy” video [YouTube]
β€’ “The Language Experience Approach” video [YouTube]
β€’ Voyager PowerPoint Presentation
β€’ Script for Voyager PowerPoint Presentation
β€’ “Sensitivity: The Other Half of Communication”Β [YouTube]
β€’ Tutor Certificate (download file to fill and print)
β€’ Open MindsΒ Trainer Report Form
β€’ Workshop Signs

Manuals, Handbooks, and Resources

Learner Books

β€’ Celebrating Our Journey, Vol. 9 and Vol. 9 Addendum
β€’ Celebrating Our Journey, Vol. 8
β€’ Celebrating Our Journey, Vol. 7
β€’ Celebrating Our Journey, Vol. 6
β€’ Celebrating Our Journey, Vol. 5

Literacy Certificate Templates

β€’ Literacy Training Certificate
β€’ Certificate of Excellence
β€’ Certificate of Appreciation

Tutoring posterCampaign Posters


Learner poster 18″x24″ or 11″x17″

Tutor poster 18″x24″ or 11″x17″

English as a Second Language poster 18″x24″ or 11″x17″



β€’ Journey to Success Bookmarks: Learners β€’ Tutors β€’ ESL
β€’ Make Your Own Bookmarks (w/photos)
β€’ Make Your Own Bookmarks (add your own photos)
β€’ Instructions on How to Use Template

Tips for Reading with Children

β€’ English
β€’ EspaΓ±ol

Ready to Learn Fun Sheets


For questions, please contact theΒ Literacy Resource Office. Β Use ODL’s Staff Contact Form orΒ Division Contact Form.