Open Minds Training Report Form

The lead trainer should complete one report for each training. Β Fill out the form below and click “SEND.”

Or if you prefer, youΒ couldΒ download the PDF of the Open Minds Training Report Form to submit via email. Β (Download and save PDF. Pull it up from the saved location on your computer before filling it out.)

This online form is delivered directly to the Leslie Gelders, in the Literacy Division.


About the Training

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Second Trainer

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Date of Training*

Number of Attendees*

1. Type of Training:*
OrientationPart 1 - Getting StartedPart 2 - Learning a CurriculumPart 3 - CustomizingIn-Service/Continuing Education
Topic of In-Service or Continuing Ed

2. Orientation
How was the orientation provided to the tutors prior to Part 1?

3. Part 1
a. Describe at least one success you had with Part 1.

b. Describe any problems with the training (format, timing, etc.).

c. Provide suggestions for improvement.

4. Part 2
a. What core curriculum was covered?

b. Did you use PowerPoint?

c. Describe at least one success with Part 2.

d. Describe any problems with the training (format, timing, etc.).

e. Provide suggestions for improvement.

5. Part 3
a. What tutor guide was covered (LitStart, Teaching Adults)?

b. Describe at least one success with Part 3.

c. Describe any problems with the training (format, timing, etc.).

d. Provide suggestions for improvement.

6. In-Service/Continuing Education
a. How was the in-service topic selected?

b. Are local tutors required to participate in annual continuing education?

c. How many in-service attendees indicated that they learned new tutoring skills, techniques, and/or teaching strategies that would be useful in their tutoring sessions?

7. Share your ideas
List any techniques, materials, resources, etc. that you incorporated into your training that you would like to share with the other OPEN MINDS trainers.

8. Additional Comments

9. Tutor information*
List your new tutors so they can be added to the literacy newsletter database. Include names, addresses, and email addresses.


  • You will receive anΒ emailed copy of your report form as confirmation.
  • If you do not receive a confirmationΒ upon submission, please check your information and resubmit.
  • If you need assistance, please call 405-521-2502 to speak to the Literacy Division.