Historical Maps

historical maps

The Archives preserves nearly 1,300 historical maps, which are divided by origin into manuscript or state agency collections.

The former includes 19th Century maps of the Western Territories detailing Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, and the Oklahoma and Indian Territories. They cover such subjects as Indian nations, tribes and reservations, the pony express, military forts, ceded lands, and cattle trails.

Later maps show the location of oil storage batteries and oil leases, mineral resources, timber and coal lands.

These maps provide the researcher with a visual perspective on such topics as railroad routes, school sites, political boundaries, the highway system, oil pipelines, and water resources.

Historical maps can illuminate as well as illustrate the historical landscape. Used in conjunction with other records,  manuscripts, publications, photographs, audio tapes and video tapes, these maps are a valuable piece in the historical puzzle [please note that, for preservation purposes, these maps cannot be photocopied].