ARPA Grants for Public Libraries


ODL is allocating $1.4 million in ARPA funding for these grants to public libraries. Eligible grant amounts for each library were determined by a formula based on population, mileage of service area, poverty level, unemployment rate, SNAP clients, and internet reach. Grant amounts range from $3,000 (for small public libraries) to $110,000 (for the largest library systems).

Here's the Path to Applying for an ARPA Grant:

Step One: Download Two Documents 

Spreadsheet with Eligible Grant Amounts and Grant Formula (EXCEL file)
This document will give you the eligible dollar figure for your library's grant application. Independent libraries are on the first sheet. Systems are on the second sheet of the file.

If you have trouble downloading the above Excel file, view PDFs of each sheet: Municipal Libraries, Library Systems, and Basis for Calculations.

Paper Application and Planning Document (PDF file)
This document is a replica of the online application you will use later. It includes information on eligible products and services, reporting expectations, and more. It includes space for planning purposes. Read the complete document before moving to Step Two.

Step Two: Start Planning

What are your library's greatest needs during this pandemic? What eligible items and services offered by the grant can help you meet those needs? Start a conversation with your staff and determine the best use of your grant funds.

Two important notes:

  • Each library system will apply for one grant. (Branches may not apply independently.)
  • Adult literacy programs that are divisions within the library–with staff and services funded by the library–must be addressed in this grant. (The upcoming grants for adult literacy programs will be for non-profits and other programs not funded by a public library.)

Step Three: Got Questions? Get Answers 

Libraries must acknowledge that they have attended a Zoom webinar on the grant program, or have watched or will watch a recording of a webinar session. These sessions have concluded and a recording of one of the webinars is below. We are also providing a link to the PowerPoint shown during the webinar, as well as a link to find excluded businesses that are prohibited from receiving federal funds.

Step Four: Finalize and Apply Online!

Following the webinar, finalize your planning and grant request. Then, submit your application using the link below.

The online application does not save progress and must be completed in one sitting. That's why prior planning is so important.

Application Deadline is Friday, September 24.

The ARPA Grant Award Announcement will be made on Friday, October 8.