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ODL Expands EBSCO Offerings In Statewide Database Contract

EBSCO is simple search that delivers millions of online resources, including: health, business and legal information, current events, Consumer Reports, other magazines, and more — all from expert sources.

What does EBSCO have to offer?

  • Explora Elementary Student Research
  • Explora Middle School Student Research
  • Explora Educator’s Edition
  • Explora High School/Public Library Search
  • EBSCOhost Espanol
  • Health Research
  • Consumer Health Complete
  • Small Business Reference Center
  • Professional Development for Teachers

And more

ODL offers these learning and research tools to benefit all Oklahomans for use in libraries and schools across the state.  Contact your local public library or school library for more information.

Go to EBSCO select service page.

If you do not have an account to login, please contact your local public library or school library.

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