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EBSCO Lunch & Learn Series

EBSCOadmin is the administrative tool to manage customization, authentication, and reporting for your EBSCO resources. In the month of February, we hosted six 5-minute micro-sessions on essential EBSCOadmin topics. We have recorded the sessions so that you can view them anytime. Click on any of the topics below to view the webinars on Niche. You may need a login to view but you can create one for free.

(Made possible in part by the  Oklahoma Department of Libraries with funding from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services.)

  1. EBSCOadmin: Navigation Basics, Account Creation, Roles & Permissions 
  2. EBSCOadmin: Sites, Groups & Profiles
  3. EBSCOadmin: Customizing the User Search Experience
  4. EBSCOadmin: Databases & Linking
  5. EBSCOadmin: Authentication, Reports & Statistics
  6. EBSCO Connect: Accessing Support, Training, and Promotional Tools

View Previously Recorded EBSCO Webinars

Discover the variety of resources and learn how to unlock the power of EBSCO to focus your information searches, make the most of homework help features, gather usage statistics, and more!

Click on the title below to go the the virtual trainings on Niche.

Questions? Email info@libraries.ok.gov.