Edge 2.0 for Libraries

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Edge 2.0 for Libraries

Edge 2.0 is gaining steam…

Did you know?

Your public library can start the Edge 2.0 Assessment anytime you’re ready. Visit http://www.libraryedge.org to get started!

One big change with Edge 2.0 is that there is no longer an assessment window. That means that you can take the assessment at a time of the year that works for you.

We’ve updated the ODL Edge web pages…

  • Find out how Edge 2.0 can help your library and community.
  • On the page above, you’ll also be given links to learn about digital inclusionand how libraries can ensure that everyone can fully participate in the digital world.
  • Read about Oklahoma libraries that found success using Edge.

Would you like to hold technology classes at your library…but don’t have the curriculum? Check out the new section, Digital Literacy Training and Curriculum, on the ODL Edge Resources page. Here you will find online learning tutorials and class curricula that you can use for instructor-led classes at your library, satisfying Edge benchmark 1.1 Classes or instruction on digital skills and benchmark 1.2 Individual help for digital services.