What is EDGE?What is Edge?

Edge is a management and leadership toolkit designed to help public libraries better serve their communities through improved public access technology services. Oklahoma public libraries participate in Edge through a license purchased by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries for all public libraries in the state.

Edge is based on a national set of benchmarks created so that public libraries can evaluate and develop their technology services.

Edge assists libraries with strategic planning and community engagement through a toolkit that provides an assessment, resources, recommendations, action plan model, training, and tools for information distribution, all based on the Edge benchmarks.

Edge provides tangible data to libraries from their assessments and the resources, empowering them to communicate their libraries’ value to their communities.

Edge helps libraries evaluate and improve digital access and services in four critical areas: workforce development, e-government, education, and health.


Why should my library use Edge?

  • To better understand how your library is using public access technology and compare to other libraries of your size.
  • To identify ways to improve your public access technology.
  • To receive tools to help you engage with your local partners to communicate the value of library technology services to the community and create support.


“It’s gratifying to see Oklahoma’s smallest libraries benefit from Edge. The benchmarks were designed to provide guidance and recommendations for all public libraries, regardless of their size or assessment score. Tonkawa Public Library scored above average among its peer group…We’re proud of Elda and her staff for embracing Edge and showing how it can make a difference.”

—Susan McVey, Oklahoma Department of Libraries


How do I get started with Edge?

Contact the ODL Edge consultant Amy Brandley or your regional consultant to find out how to get started. Or call Amy at 405-521-3297.

You can begin by registering an account (if your library does not yet have one) or signing in to your library’s account and updating your contact info. Go to www.libraryedge.org and Sign in or Sign up.

Take a look at the Edge Quick Start Guide to using the Edge Toolkit.


My library has completed the Edge assessment, now what?

  1. From the Edge website, download and review your Assessment Results and Peer Comparison Report.
  2. Note benchmarks that your library did well in to share with stakeholders.
  3. Identify benchmarks that you want to work on and review the recommendations that Edge offers. Use the resources Edge provides to learn how to implement the recommendations you are interested in.
  4. Create an Action Plan based on your chosen recommendations.
  5. Attend online live training sessions:
    • Assessing Your Community’s Needs
    • Building Public Access Technology Services
    • Fostering Your Library’s Leadership
    • Strengthening Your Library’s Partnerships.
  6. Use the Executive Tools to create customized handouts to engage your local partners, share your library’s value to the community, and gain support.


Helpful Edge resources

  • Edge online: Find out more about Edge and log in to your account
  • Edge infographic: About Edge
  • Edge toolkit: Learn more about the Edge tools  
  • Edge benchmarks: National library technology standards in three areas of Community Value, Engaging the Community, and Organizational Management
  • Edge support center: Create a support ticket, get answers to FAQs, find glossary terms, and access the assessment answer key–an indicator-by-indicator guide to answering questions in the Edge assessment.
  • Edge toolkit video walk through: A series of short videos to guide libraries on how to use their Edge results and peer comparison reports to create a realistic Action Plan and improve their library’s technology in the coming year
  • Edge Learning Opportunities: Find learning opportunities on key thematic areas 
  • Edge Theory of Change: The Theory of Change for Public Libraries is a roadmap to guide libraries toward the ultimate goal of Edge – an improved quality of life in the community.
  • Edge coalition: Get to know the national partners that developed Edge
  • Edge map: Participating libraries across the U.S.


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