2018 Edge Grants Information

Get Ready to Apply!

On May 21, the Oklahoma Department of Libraries will announce a grant opportunity (pending ODL Board approval) for Oklahoma public libraries to obtain equipment to improve their public access technology services. Your library will be eligible to apply for the grant if you have done an Edge assessment in the last two years and have recently updated your Edge Action Plan that demonstrates your library’s need for the specified grant technology equipment. ODL has $60,000 in LSTA funds to award, with maximum awards of $5,000.

Technology available for purchase through the grants include (Edge benchmarks in parentheses):

  • eReader/tablet (1.1 & 1.2)
  • scanner (9.4)
  • wireless printer (9.4)
  • assistive technology (11.1)
  • children’s digital learning games and equipment (3.3)

More details will come with the official announcement in May, but briefly, to be eligible to apply for a 2018 Edge grant:

  • Applicant must be an Oklahoma public library or library system that is state aid eligible.
  • Applicant library/system has completed an Edge Assessment no earlier than May 10, 2016 and no later than May 20, 2018. The Edge Assessment window will reopen April 3, 2018 so that you may take the assessment in time to apply for this grant.
  • Library/system has completed and/or updated the Edge Action Plan no earlier than November 20, 2017 and no later than May 20, 2018. Action plans can be updated any time by logging in to your Edge account at libraryedge.org.
  • Library/system must demonstrate need on their Action Plan for the requested grant equipment. For example, if you are requesting an AWE early literacy computer, your Action Plan items must include Edge attribute 3.3 Early literacy games; if you are requesting a scanner, your Action Plan items must include Edge attribute 9.4 Patrons are able to scan documents into digital formats; etc.

Visit the 2018 Edge Grants web page to check the dates of your last Edge Assessment and Action Plan update.

Criteria used to evaluate 2018 Edge grant applicants will include the following:

  • The Edge Action Plan aligns with the grant request.
  • Local budget and consideration of the total budget: communities in need will be given preference.
  • Libraries that have not received an Edge-related grant from ODL in the past will receive priority. Edge-related grants include the 2016-2018 network assessment and remediation and the 2016 small library technology grants.
  • Answers to essay questions including:
    • Description of the need in your community for the grant equipment that you are requesting.
    • Description, in detail, of how your library will use the grant equipment to benefit your community.
    • Description, in detail, of your plan for promoting the use of the grant equipment in your community.
    • Description of your ability to have the resources (time, staff, community support, etc.) to complete the grant obligations.

ODL Edge consultant Amy Brandley wants to help you get your Edge Assessment and Action Plan ready to apply for these grants! You can reach her at amy.brandley@libraries.ok.gov.


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