2018 Edge Grants Information

Watch for Another 2018 Edge Grant Announcement

The Oklahoma Department of Libraries will soon announce a second 2018 Edge grant opportunity.

The grant application will be available the week of July 23. The grant application will be due by Friday, August 10, 2018.

This grant will help small Oklahoma public libraries obtain a resource-rich, easy-to-update library website. This opportunity is a continuation of ODL’s 2017 National Network of Libraries of Medicine grant project Health Links @ The Library, a pilot that created a library website template with online resources including health resources for the community. In addition to delivering the website, this 2018 Edge grant will provide a day of website maintenance training for library staff at your library from an ODL Edge consultant. ODL will select four libraries for the website project.

This Edge Website project differs from ODL’s Word Press website program (administered by ODl Consultant Melissa Askew) in the following ways:

  • The template for the Edge website is more basic and has fewer options for making your own creative changes. For these reasons, it is easier to update and maintain.
  • Library staff is not required to attend the two-day Photoshop Elements class and the two-day Word Press class, as required by Melissa’s more in-depth website program. With this Edge website grant, an Edge consultant will travel to your library for a one-day training session.

A library website is so fundamental to a library that the Edge technology assessment assumes that libraries already have a website. Therefore, even though there is not a specific Edge benchmark for having a library website, many benchmarks assume that a library website is already in place. Examples of these Edge benchmarks include:

  • 2.2 Website links are checked and content is updated at least monthly
  • 2.3 eBooks can be downloaded through the library’s website
  • 3.1 The library selects and organizes online resources [on the library website] for job seeking, employment skill-building, or professional certification
  • 3.4 The library selects and organizes online resources [on the library website] for learning about medical conditions, procedures, prescription drugs, and healthcare providers

To be eligible to apply for the 2018 Edge website grant:

  • Applicant must be an Oklahoma public library that is state aid eligible.
  • The library doesn’t currently have a website (a single page on your city website or your online catalog page doesn’t count).
  • It is difficult for library staff to travel to ODL for the 2-day Photoshop and 2-day Word Press trainings for Melissa Askew’s ODL Word Press website program;
  • Applicant library has completed an Edge Assessment no earlier than May 10, 2016 and no later than August 10, 2018.
  • Library has completed and/or updated the Edge Action Plan no earlier than February 10, 2018 and no later than August 10, 2018. Action plans can be updated any time by logging in to your Edge account at www.libraryedge.org.
  • Library must demonstrate need on their Action Plan for a library website. Your Edge Action Plan will qualify for the grant if it includes items that require a website (see above).

Libraries will be required to run the Impact Survey to help evaluate the use of the library’s website for final reporting to ODL and LSTA. ODL Edge consultants will assist the grantees with setting up and running the survey.

Criteria used to evaluate 2018 Edge website grant applicants will include the following:

  • The Edge Action Plan aligns with the grant request.
  • Local budget and consideration of the total budget: communities in need will be given preference.
  • Libraries that have not received an Edge-related grant from ODL in the past will receive priority. Edge-related grants include the 2018 equipment grant, 2016-2018 network assessment and remediation, and the 2016 small library technology grants.
  • Answers to essay questions including:
    • Description of the need in your community for a library website.
    • Description, in detail, of how your library will use the website to benefit your community.
    • Description, in detail, of your plan for promoting the use of library website in your community.
    • Description of your difficulty in traveling to ODL for website training.
    • Description of your ability to have the resources (time, staff, community support, etc.) to complete the grant obligations.

Here are two libraries that are using the Edge website template that will be available with this grant:

Visit the 2018 Edge Grants web page to check the dates of your last Edge Assessment and Action Plan update.

ODL Edge consultant Amy Brandley wants to help you get your Edge Assessment and Action Plan ready to apply for these grants! You can reach her at amy.brandley@libraries.ok.gov.


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