Health & Wellness Programs

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Exercising at the Pioneer Library

Health & Wellness Programs

These health-based workshops at public libraries across Oklahoma incorporate ways to eat healthy, exercise, and maintain overall mind and body health.

The following programs are brought to you by these local public libraries/systems, Oklahoma Department of Libraries’ Health Literacy project and the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

Look for a Health & Wellness Program at a library near you! Contact your local library.

Anadarko Community Library5/14/2019Spaghetti SauceTuesday6:00
Anadarko Community Library5/29/2019Citizens Health and Fitness DayWednesdayAll Day
Anadarko Community Library5/30/2019Salad in a JarThursday11:00
Bartlesville Public Library Literacy Services, Bartlesville5/02-5/16Fun & Easy CookingThursday12:00
McLoud Public Library5/21/2019Health Kids Preschool Story TimeTuesday11:00
Moore Public Library5/06-5/20Beginners YogaMondays6:00-7:00
Moore Public Library5/02-5/30ZumbaThursdays6:00-7:00
Moore Public Library5/31/2019Line DancingFriday6:00-7:30
Noble Public Library5/08-5/15Gentle YogaWednesdays10:45-11:45
Noble Public Library5/08-5/15TAI CHIWednesdays10:45-11:45
Norman Public Library West5/14/2019Aging Simulation Sensitivity TrainingTuesday10:00-11:00
Nora Sparks Warren Library, Pauls Valley5/25/2019Adult Health Info ClassSaturday9:00-11:00
Nora Sparks Warren Library, Pauls Valley5/02-5/09Kids Health ClassThursdays3:30
Ponca City Library5/15/2019Story Walk BeginsAll DayAll Day
Stillwater Public Library5/07-5/21Health Kids CookingTuesdays4:00
Anadarko Community Library6/03-6/24Yoga w/TishMondays11:45
Anadarko Community Library6/04/2019Kids Cooking Breakfast @ ChampionTuesday9:00
Anadarko Community Library6/04-6/25TAI CHITuesdays10:00
Anadarko Community Library6/05/2019Kids Cooking Bread@ ChampionWednesday2:00
Anadarko Community Library6/06-6/27TAI CHI @ DavisThursdays10:00
Anadarko Community Library6/07/2019Kids Cooking Chicken Alfredo @ChampionFriday2:00
Anadarko Community Library6/11/2019Kids Cooking Breakfast@SulpherTuesday10:00
Anadarko Community Library6/12/2019Kids Cooking Waffel Iron@MariettaWednesday1:00
Anadarko Community Library6/12/2019Kids Cooking @ SulpherWednesday12:00
Anadarko Community Library6/18/2019Kids Cooking Waffel IronTuesday1:00
Anadarko Community Library6/19/2019Kids Cooking@AtokaWednesday1:00
Anadarko Community Library6/25/2019Kids Cooking BreadTuesday10:00
Anadarko Community Library6/25/2019Kids Cooking @DavisTuesday2:00
Anadarko Community Library6/26/2019Kids Cooking Chicken AlfredoWednesday10:00
McLoud Public Library6/18/2019Healthy Kids Preschool Story TimeTuesday11:00
Moore Public Library6/03-6/24Beginners YogaMondays6:00-7:00
Moore Public Library6/06-6/27ZumbaThursdays6:00-7:00
Moore Public Library6/07-6/28Barre FrenzyFridays6:00-7:00
Noble Public Library6/06/2019Put It Up-Home CanningThursdays5:30-6:30
Noble Public Library6/26/2019Healthy Air Fryer CookingWednesday5:30-6:30
Noble Public Library6/12,13,14Kids Space CampWed,Thur,Fri9:00-12:00
Noble Public Library6/19,20,21Camp ChallengeWed,Thur,Fri9:00-12:00
Norman Public Library West6/04/2019Caring for You Caring for meTuesday10:00-11:00
Ponca City Library6/03/2019Astronaut in the Park@Liberty ParkMonday3:00-3:30
Ponca City Library6/10/2019Astronaut in the Park @Garfield ParkMonday3:00-3:30
Ponca City Library6/17/2019Astronaut in the Park @Dan Moran ParkMonday3:00-3:30
Stillwater Public Library6/07-6/28Yoga and Farmers MarketFridays9:00-12:00

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