COVID-19 Response: Free LexisNexis for Legal Research

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COVID-19 Response: Free LexisNexis for Legal Research

We continue to partner with LexisNexis due to the Covid-19 pandemic in order to provide access to legal research remotely during this crises.

Persons who cannot otherwise conduct legal research are welcome to register for a one-time Lexis Advance® ID.

This ID will be good for 30 days This ID will be delivered to you within one business day and allows you to conduct research on the cases, codes, and secondary resources needed for legal work and personal legal research.

If your research needs extend beyond 30 days, or if you have already used your 30 day free period, then please call 1-888-AT-LEXIS to discuss personalized plan options.

You may also make an appointment to visit ODL to conduct research on Lexis at the library in person by using our appointment scheduler here, or calling 405-522-3505.