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See class offerings below or download the PDF for the Fall 2017 Schedule.


The Fall 2017 Institute in Public Librarianship classes are now available for registration. All registrations will be processed online using Eventbrite. Register for each class by clicking on the link for the particular class you want to attend (see below). This online system allows you to verify you are registered. In addition, you can see who else is attending and from where, so carpooling opportunities are identified.

There is a class limit of 25 for each class and classes will NOT be held if less than 5 people register. You will be notified by e-mail a week in advance if a class has been cancelled. In any classes are full, you will be able to place your name on a waiting list if you register with an email address.

If you have any questions, contact Wendy Gabrielson via email or at 405.522.3322.

Collection Development

Upon completing this class, students will have knowledge of :

  • The publication, production and distribution of library materials in order to select, acquire, make available and use these materials
  • The factors affecting the selection of materials and will be able to design appropriate selection criteria for their communities
  • Selection tools for both print and non-print materials and how they are used
  • The advantages and limitations of various formats and materials
  • Effective management procedures for ordering, receiving orders and dealing with problems
  • Reasons for and procedures to implement current, logically organized catalogs, compatible with national and regional cataloging and classification standards
  • Basic cataloging methodology, including main entry, added entries, corporate entries, tracings, authority control, see and see also references and subject headings
  • The procedure to evaluate materials already in the collection for retention, replacement, rebinding, weeding and duplication
  • Basic guidelines for weeding the collection
  • Options for repairing and/or replacing worn or damaged materials

September 6, Ardmore

September 7, Muskogee

September 12, Elk City

September 13, Ponca City


Public Library Administration

Upon completing this class, students will have knowledge of:

  • The library’s governing structure and its responsibilities
  • The roles and responsibilities of the library board and the librarian
  • The principal means of funding Oklahoma’s public libraries
  • The sources of income for their individual library
  • The components of standard library policies and problem areas within their libraries in which policies are needed
  • The value of written, board-approved policies and the expertise to write, implement and evaluate such policies
  • The difference between policies and procedures

September 28, Anadarko

October 3, Woodward

October 4, Wagoner

October 5, Wilburton


How to Think Like a Librarian

Upon completing this class, students will have knowledge of:

  • history of libraries from ancient times to the 20th century
  • the contributions of Dewey, Carnegie and others
  • the contributions of Oklahoma library leaders, i.e. Allie Beth Martin, Edmon Low, Leta Dover, Ruth Brown, etc.
  • definition of public library
  • how the library functions in society
  • intellectual freedom as a key library value
  • support procedures — such as state and national assistance, local procedures and policies, etc.
  • public library as an open forum — local policies on meeting room usage, displays, etc.
  • freedom of access to all, no barriers based on age, gender, educational level, dress, odor, appearance, etc.
  • the Code of Ethics for librarians

October 10, Fairview

October 11, ODL in OKC

October 12, Pryor

October 17, Ada


Adult Services

Upon completing this class, students will have knowledge of:

  • ethical issues involved in reference service, including confidentiality, objectivity and limitations on interpreting information provided to patrons
  • effective reference interview skills, including the analysis of requests and the design of search strategies
  • the importance of establishing a welcoming atmosphere and actively encouraging patron requests
  • the skills needed to fulfill information requests through access to the general collection, digital and community resources, and other libraries and agencies
  • the characteristics of basic types of reference tools
  • the wide range of potential information resources, including the general library collection, reference materials, community resources and the resources of other libraries and agencies
  • effective reader’s advisory interview skills including the clarification of patron’s interests
  • methods to utilize information about books and authors in order to assist and advise patrons in selection of reading material in a variety of genres and subject areas
  • basic tools to assist and advise patrons in the selection of appropriate reading material in a variety of genres and subject areas
  • the development of library programs based on community needs
  • the planning, presentation and evaluation of library programs for adults
  • programming resources available both locally and statewide
  • techniques for marketing library services

November 1, Duncan

November 2, Alva

November 7, Pawhuska

November 8, Stillwater


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