Celebrating Our Journey

About the project

The project was envisioned to encourage new readers to take another leap in their learning process, to put pen to paper, and to write their stories of growth and discovery to share with others.

The ability to communicate is the ability to connect to our own history, our families, and the world.  The stories in these collections celebrate the power of adults who improved their ability to communicate by learning to read as adults.

The Oklahoma Literacy Resource Office is pleased to announce the 2017 publication of Celebrating our Journey, Volume 10. This hugely successful series will again showcase the thoughts and writings of Oklahoma adult learners.

All active learners from Oklahoma adult literacy programs regardless of reading or writing level are

invited to submit a story to be considered for the publication.

Here are the latest from the Celebrating Our Journey collection:celebrating our journey

Celebrating Our Journey, Vol. 9 and Vol. 9 Addendum
Celebrating Our Journey, Vol. 8
Celebrating Our Journey, Vol. 7
Celebrating Our Journey, Vol. 6
Celebrating Our Journey, Vol. 5