Programming Ideas and Online Resources

Ideas for Programming: Examples of Local Posters/Flyers

Hula HoopExercise and Fitness

Healthy Eating


Other Health and Wellness

Online Resources

Patient Safety and Care

AHRQ-Agency for Healthcare and Research and Quality

  • Patient Safety
  • Practice Guideline
  • Toolkits/Tools

AHRQ-Navigating the Health Care Patient/Dr. Information

  • List of questions to ask


  • Help Patients to be more involved in their health care

Plain Language

Center for Disease Control.Gov-Health Literacy

  • Health Literacy Fact Sheet
  • Plain Language Medical Dictionary

Health Care

HRSA-Health Resources & Service Administration

  • Health Center Program
  • Health Care available for low income


  • Diseases and conditions
  • Prevention and wellness
  • Family Health
  • Your Health Resources

Care Giving

The Care Act-Oklahoma



Oklahoma State and Federal Health Information

Care Giver Support Program

Oklahoma State Department of Health

  • Health Information
  • Oklahoma Statistics


MedSafe Medication Disposal-Oklahoma City and Metro Areas

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality-How to create a pill card toolkit

Pill Identification

Health Resources

Health Resources and Service Administration-Rural Community Programs-Grants Available

Rural Health Information Hub-Statistics-Health Care Options in the State of Oklahoma

  • Funding Opportunity based by County


  •  Healthy people tools and resources

National Network of Libraries and Medicine

Promoting Healthy Communities

New Health Literacy Tool Kit for Libraries

Health Literacy and the Law

  • CDC-Center for Disease Control & Prevention
  • Guidelines, Laws & Standards
  • Health Literacy CDC

CHCS-Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc. by Kaiser Permanente

  • Resource sheets for Health Literacy

MedlinePlus-Health Information

  • Health Literacy Topics
  • Drugs & Supplements
  • Videos & Tools


  • Health Literacy and More

Journal of the American Medical Association

  • Patient handouts

NIH-National Institute of Health

  • Health and Wellness Information
  • Common Conditions and Diseases

National Cancer Institute

  • Alphabetic search of cancer types
  • Treatment options & prevention strategies

National Diabetes Education Program

  • Booklets, fact sheets for all ages, also available in Spanish

Sixty and Me

  • Aging, health, life, and mindset articles


Keep the Beat

  • Family Time Prep
  • Easy Recipes
  • Nutritional ingredients

Preventative Care

Humana Foundation Healthcare

  • Individuals and Families
  • Healthy Living and prevention strategies

General Health Information

Health Day-Health News

Health Day-Health News Headlines

Free Printable Medical Forms


  • Healthy Aging Information

Kids Health from Nemours

  • Topics for parents, children, teens & educators

American Association for Clinical Chemistry-Lab tests online

  • Tests, conditions, diseases & Health Screening site

Health Reach-Health information in many languages

Health Care Providers

Issues in Nursing-Online Journal

More than words: Promoting Health Literacy in Older Adults

Patients Unable to Read-Strategies for assistance