National Library Week

Public Libraries are the Most American of Institutions


National Library Week infographic

During an average day in Oklahoma libraries… Almost 37,000 adults and children visit their local library. Oklahomans ask more than 5,000 reference questions. More than 64,000 items are borrowed. Library customers log more thatn 9,000 internet sessions with public computers and 13,000 wireless sessions with their phones and tablets. More than 120 library programs are attended.

Funded by local tax dollars, public libraries are close to the people they serve. They are open to everyone, are steadfastly non-judgmental, and they respect your privacy. Their mission is to serve the informational, educational, and recreational needs of you and your family.

And in Oklahoma, they are seeing growth in their use. Read ODL’s National Library Week press release, investigate our public libraries by the numbers and the links below.

How much money does using your public library save you? Calculate it!  The Massachusetts Library Association, Chelmsford Public Library in Massachusetts, and the Maine State Library get kudos for developing this calculator. The link is for the Maine State Library’s calculator since they use more updated costs.

Think public libraries are just for kids and senior citizens? Think again. This 2017 Pew Research Center Study showed the most likely generation to use public libraries was… the Millennial Generation.

Discover what 1.9 million registered library card holders in Oklahoma already know. Find your local public library and open a world of information!


Oklahoma Public Libraries by the Numbers

From the Oklahoma Department of Libraries Annual Report on Oklahoma Public Libraries, FY2017

Library Visits: 13,491,194 (up from 13,112,511 in FY2016)

Reference Transactions: 1,866,644 (up from 1,835,085)

Registered Borrowers: 1,988,420 (up from 1,889,884)

Total Circulation (print and electronic materials): 23,661,039 (up from 22,504,003)

Total Collection Use (print and electronic resources): 28,677,645 (up from 24,528,107)

Total Library Programs: 45,239 (up from 39,723)

Total Program Attendance: 1,259,994 (up from 1,120,353)

Uses of Public Internet Computers: 3,387,945 (down from 3,595,132)

Wireless Internet Sessions: 4,679,132 (up from 3,732,950)

Number of Public Library Sites (central and branches): 214

Total Paid Employees at Public Libraries: 1,740

Total Collection Size: 11,676,573 (Oklahoma public libraries hold 6,422,730 print items; 3,456,272 electronic books; 371,191 physical audio books/items; 791,661 downloadable audio books/items; 577,003 physical video items; and 57,716 downloadable/streaming video items.)