ODL’s Niche Academy

Free Online Learning

ODL staff members have gathered several step-by-step lessons to help you navigate various software applications, job searches, internet safety, social media, U.S Government resources, and more. We have also included various overviews that cover our online offerings through ODL's Digital Prairie portal.

View the topics below and note that there are several subjects under each. For example, Microsoft Office includes ten tutorials that cover Word, Excel, Teams, Publisher, etc. Click the left or right arrows on each image to scroll through all of those under that category. If you select a tutorial, a sidebar will pop out to the right on the page. You can complete the tutorial within the sidebar or choose "Full Screen" to go to that category's academy page.

General Tech Tips and Tutorials

Microsoft Office

Ten tutorials available

Social Media

Six tutorials available

School / Research

Six tutorials available

Other Tech Tips

Eleven tutorials available

Job Search / Customer Service

Five tutorials available

Library Resources

U.S. Government

Six tutorials available


Seven tutorials available

ODL Patrons

Two tutorials available

Librarians & Teachers

EBSCO Virtual Trainings

Five tutorials available

Explora for Students

Two tutorials available

Digital Prairie Tutorial


One tutorial available

Are there topics you did not see here that you would like us to add? Email info@libraries.ok.gov with your recommendations.

We hope you enjoy this online learning opportunity made possible by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries and the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library Services and Technology Act.