Learning & Research

The Department of Libraries presentsย access to many platformsย for learning and research.ย Britannica School andย EBSCOhostย areย provided by ODL for use byย schools andย libraries across the state. ODL also shares materials, books and videos with public libraries through interlibrary loan.

Manyย of the resourcesย are available directly online (open access). ย Some, such as Britannica Schoolย and EBSCO, areย accessed at local libraries and schools or with a library card.ย If you would like to find outย how you can access these resources, contact your local public library or school library.


Learning Fun for Kids (PK-8th)

Education & Eventsย (Middle-High School)

Research Tools (Adults)

Celebrate the anniversary of Washington Irving’s 1832 Tour on the Prairies!ย Fun for all ages.