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 Kids Connections

At the Kids Connections, you will find numerous fun OPEN ACCESS online resources for learning. Topics include Art (by and for children), Reading and Writing, Fun and Games, Science and Math, and Safety. Also discover sites related to Travel, History, and Adventure. Have fun exploring!

Have fun exploring!


Kids Century
A Century of Children’s Books is an annotated list of classics and favorites from 1900 to 1999. See when your favorite children’s book was published or find ideas for classic books you and your children will enjoy. 


Oklahoma History Teaching Resources  include lesson plans and related information for teachers used to encourage the use of primary source materials in the teaching of Oklahoma history for elementary/middle school students. 




Every summer, students across Oklahoma are out of school and looking for adventure. Public libraries throughout Oklahoma are the place to go for a reading adventure during June and July. Local librarians have used materials and program ideas developed by the Collaborative Summer Library Program to keep thousands of Oklahoma children reading during their summer vacation months.


Read Across Oklahoma is a special reading event directed at young children, and held each spring to celebrate literacy and encourage reading.


During the fall, the author and book-signing tour travels to several towns in Oklahoma promoting reading and discussion of books. During the tour, students and library patrons are able to meet the authors, hear about writing techniques, learn the stories behind the books, get recommendations on other books in the genre, ask questions, and get their books signed by the authors.




research discovery

This section of Digital Prairie contains educational searches for age preschool and up. The main page has a search interface with several different categories. To find information on EBSCO for students, look under the heading “Preschool – 12th” and there will be a specialized interface and several age appropriate links to resources such as Funk &  Wagnalls Encyclopedia online and EBSCO Explora.

Questions on how to access EBSCO online? Contact your local public or school library, see EBSCO Sign-Up or Ask ODL.


ebsco host

EBSCO. A simple search that delivers millions of online resources including: elementary student research, middle school research as well as health, business and legal information, current events, Consumer Reports, other magazines, and more — all from expert sources.

AND…. You’re in luck! ODL offers these learning and research tools that benefit all Oklahomans for use in schools and libraries across the state.

Questions on how to access EBSCO? Contact your local public or school library or Ask ODL.

See also EBSCOhost Espanol.




Tips for Reading

Tips for Reading with Children

English |  Español

Ready to Learn Fun Sheets


See also Middle School – High School Resources and Open Access Resources.