Oklahoma Historical Records Advisory Board

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The Board

Board members, appointed by the Director of the Department of Libraries to three-year terms, represent a broad spectrum of public and private archival and research institutions. Members have experience in the collection, preservation, administration, and use of historic records.

  • Jennifer Green
    City of Oklahoma City
  • Daniel Gibbs
    Library Director
    Ardmore Public Library
  • Jan Davis
    OHRAB Coordinator
    Oklahoma Department of Libraries
  • Jennifer Holt
    Will Rogers Memorial Museums
  • Dr. Brad Robison
    Archivist and Librarian
  • Mary Larson
    Associate Dean
    Oklahoma State University Library
  • Chad Williams
    Director of Research
    Oklahoma Historical Society
  • Melody Kellogg
    Oklahoma Department of Libraries


  • Vicki Sullivan
    Deputy Director
    Oklahoma Department of Libraries

For general questions about OHRAB, contact OHRAB’s State Coordinator, Jan Davis.


The board meets about twice a year, with most meetings held at the Oklahoma Department of Libraries in Oklahoma City. All meetings are open to the public and meeting dates and agendas are posted in advance.

Background and Purpose

The Oklahoma Historical Records Advisory Board (OHRAB) serves the public as the central advisory board for historical records projects in Oklahoma. It is one of 56 similar boards active in all states, territories, and the District of Columbia.

In accordance with its by-laws, OHRAB:

  •  Provides leadership and guidance to help ensure the identification, preservation, and use of the state’s historical records;
  • Acts as a state-level review body for proposals submitted to the National Historical Publications and Records Commission’s (NHPRC) grant program; and
  • Serves as the central advisory board in Oklahoma for historical records planning.

The sponsoring agency of OHRAB is the Oklahoma Department of Libraries (ODL), the official repository for permanent state government records.

NHPRC Grant Program

The National Historical Publications and Records Commission(NHPRC) makes grants to help identify, preserve, and provide public access to records, photographs, and other materials that document American history. The grants go to state and local archives, colleges and universities, libraries, historical societies, and other nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S.

The Oklahoma Historical Records Advisory Board (OHRAB) functions as the state’s liaison to NHPRC. It conducts these ongoing NHPRC grant activities:

  • Reviews records proposals of state and local significance before NHPRC makes its funding recommendations.
  • Provides consultation and advice to potential NHPRC grant applicants.
  • Develops state-level grant application packages to address statewide historical records issues and needs.

In its liaison capacity, OHRAB reviews grant applications submitted to the NHPRC from Oklahoma. The Board gives preference to projects that:

  • Identify and preserve endangered historically significant records;
  • Create an effective, efficient, and systematic records management and archival program for local government records;
  • Identify and preserve historically significant records pertaining to Native American organizations in Oklahoma; and
  • Provide direction and expertise for the creation and preservation of archival collections.

Proposals for NHPRC grants should be submitted to OHRAB by:

  • April 15 for founding era documentary editing projects, and electronic records projects. (NHPRC deadline June 1)
  • August 15 for all other eligible projects. (NHPRC deadline October 1)

Application guidelines and forms may be obtained from NHPRC’s web site or by contacting NHPRC at:

National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC)
National Archives and Records Administration
700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Room 106
Washington, DC 20408-0001
Tel: (202) 357-5010
Fax: (202) 357-5914
E-mail: nhprc@nara.gov